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  • /cɹʊks/


  1. Plural of crook


  1. third-person singular of crook

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Crook can refer to the following:
  • Crooking is a verb to refer to the action of creating a bend or curve; for example, crooking a finger. Hence a crook may be anything that is crooked.
  • Crook, a slang term for a criminal or a person of questionable morality. Specifically it refers to someone who is corrupt and uses dishonest or unethical tactics to gain money. The adjective crooked can refer to such persons or actions. This version of the term may also be archaically used as a verb in reference to becoming a criminal or causing another to become a criminal.
  • Biblically, "crooked" meant "twisted", "corrupt", or "not straight".
  • Crooked Music (Schräge Musik) was a very effective firing system developed by the Germans in World War II which allowed their fighter aircraft to shoot down Allied bombers.
  • In Australian slang, crook (adjective) means unwell (amongst other meanings).




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